4 Noble Individuals
 (4 Stages of Holiness)


 1. Stream-winner / Sotapattana

Won the stream to Nibbana. Free from the first three fetters (personality belief, skeptical doubt and attachment to rules and rites) which bind beings to existence in the sensuous sphere. Not subject to rebirth in lower worlds, seven rebirths at the most in heavenly and human realms. Is firmly established, destined for full enlightenment.  

2. Once-returner / Sakadagami  

One becomes free from the first three fetters and nearly free from the fourth and fifth fetters (sensuous craving and ill-will). He will return only once more, and having once more returned to this world, he will put an end to suffering.

3. Non-returner / Anagami

 One becomes fully free from the above- mentioned five lower fetters. After the disappearance of the five higher fetters he appears in a higher world, and there, he reaches Nibbana without ever returning to the sensuous sphere.

4. Holiness / Arahant  Further becomes free from the five higher fetters. (craving for fine material existence, craving for fine immaterial existence, conceit, restlessness and ignorance)Through the extinction of all the ten fetters, he reaches, already in this very life, the deliverance of mind through wisdom, which is free from cankers and which he himself has understood and realized.    



  1. Personality belief
  2. Skeptical doubt
  3. Clinging to rules and rites
  4. Sensuous craving
  5. Ill-will
  6. Craving for fine material existence
  7. Craving for fine immaterial existence
  8. Conceit
  9. Restlessness
  10. Ignorance



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