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This website has been created to serve as a beginner’s introduction
to the Buddha’s Teachings. As the name of the site indicates, the Buddha’s own words
have been presented to enable the readers the freedom of their own interpretations. It is thanks to the laborious efforts and generosity of many scholarly Buddhist translators from Pali to English, that we have this opportunity to disseminate, as well as to access the Buddhist Teachings in English. In addition to the Buddha's words, excerpts from the Abhidhamma Teachings, and valuable writings from members of the priesthood, and eminent Buddhist scholars have also been integrated to enhance the content.

A few key topics have been selected based on numerous questions that have been raised over the years by those who have been interested in hearing the Buddha's Teachings, and His explanations to the seemingly unjust, and baffling realities of this world. This is an attempt to answer some of those questions - in the Buddha's own words. Click on Topics, and proceed with that which may interest you. On occasion, only short excerpts from Suttas or passages have been included to keep within the scope of the subject, as well as to keep the readings short (with the hope that the entire website will be read systematically, topic after topic - like a book). For further reading, please see the source of the material which has been referenced below the text, and also see the Acknowledgements section for additional information.

As to the forces that made this website a reality, even though the contents to the topics have been selected by one person, my self, without the goodwill of all the publishers and web owners (mentioned in the Acknowledgements section) who have permitted use of their material, and the encouragement and help from Venerable Nawala Lakkana of the Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara, this website would not have materialized. Special mention is also made to my family members who have helped, including driving many miles to obtain the picture for the Homepage. The inspiration for this website is our dearly beloved mother, Doreen Chandra De Zoysa, to whom the merits of this endeavour are dedicated with our eternal love and gratitude.
May she soon attain permanent bliss supreme; nibbana.

This website is also dedicated to all of us, who are aspiring knowledge and realization of truth, and bliss. We do hope that you would join us in this journey, together we can study and experience this immaculate Teaching of the Buddha, whose twin virtues are wisdom and compassion. As we read, and learn more, additional information will be introduced periodically. We welcome your ideas to improve this site. If there are any other topics or contents to topics that are appropriate, and you would like included, please let us know. Your input will be acknowledged with any posting/s that may occur. If you have any other questions and/or comments, do contact us (please see the Contact section). In the meantime, we do hope that you will find the information presented thus far..., to be enlightening.

May we all soon attain enlightenment, and experience the bliss it brings.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem; the Buddha, the Dhamma (Teaching), and the Sangha (Priesthood) always be with you.

Thank you for visiting us,

Do visit us again!

Kheshini De Zoysa.

January 11th 2008.




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