Doreen Chandra De Zoysa

January 11th 1936 - July 21st 2005



The most devoted, loving, and caring mother ever.

You were the epitome of loving-kindness, generosity, and compassion – your ... signature.

You lived your life with a spirit of optimism fueled by unwavering courage,

And faced the ups and downs of life in tears and in joy with an enduring heart.

Your characteristic poise and stride signaled your oozing self-confidence and perseverance – so characteristic of you.

You intermingled with folks with an all-embracing, non-judgmental attitude. Always with an open mind and heart – receptive to the many threads of life…from all walks of life.

A warm and welcoming haven from the tiniest tots to the one ‘o’ ones - you provided a listening ear, an understanding heart, solid friendship, …and fun companionship for all ages.

A receptacle to others’ problems which you helped resolve selflessly - with the largest, relentless heart.

People were your treasures – and we valued and enjoyed your caring, your humor, your charm, your...lustre...your entire being.

THE Shining Star in our circle of family, friends, relatives…ever-so beloved by all...

...and admired...for your passion, your vanity, your keen sense of style and imagination, which you aptly displayed in your multi-faceted talents.

Entertained us not only with the awe-inspiring beauty of you singing...
in your ever-golden voice,
But also with the rhythms of the music that was your life.

A lover of the Arts, a true romantic,…and a dreamer!

“The sky is the limit!” and “Never say die!”, you would often say.

The true Chandra spirit of love, determination, and grace - your undying
glorious spirit lives on.

And your life, like a beautiful timeless song, lingers in our hearts.

Held ever-so precious, cherished, and loved.

Your life’s symphony will grace our lives until the end of our time.


With our immeasurable love and gratitude,

Your five “worlds”…the five roses…your children.





May you soon attain the permanent, bliss supreme; nibbana.



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