Sayings of the Buddha in Verse



The wise are controlled in deed,
They are controlled in speech,
They are controlled in thought,
Indeed, they are perfectly self-controlled.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 234)

Irrigators lead the water,
Fletchers shape the shaft,
Carpenters bend the wood,
The wise restrain themselves.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 80)

By effort, by vigilance,
By restraint, by control,
Let the wise man make for himself
An island which no flood can overwhelm.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 25)

If by giving up a lesser happiness,
One may behold a greater one,
Let the wise man give up the lesser happiness
In consideration of the greater happiness.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 290)

He who has given up likes, and dislikes,
Who is cooled and is without defilements,
Who has conquered the world, and is strenuous,
Him I call a brahmana.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 418)

He who has no thought of 'I' and 'mine',
Whatever towards mind and body,
He who grieves not for that which he has not,
He is, indeed, called a bhikkhu.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 367)

From endearment, affection, attachment, lust, and craving
spring grief and fear;
For him who is wholly free from endearment, affection, attachment, lust and craving,
There is no grief much less fear.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 212)

It is not new, O Atula! It has always been done from ancient times.
They blame one who is silent,
They blame one who speaks much,
And they blame one who speaks little.
There is no one in the world who is not blamed.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 227)

There never has been,
There never will be,
Nor is there now,
Anyone who is always blamed or always praised.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 228)

As a solid rock is unshaken by the wind,
Even so the wise are unshaken by praise or blame.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 81)

In the unessential they imagine the essential,
In the essential they see the unessential –
They who entertain (such) wrong thoughts
Never realize the essence.
What is essential they regard as essential,
What is unessential they regard as unessential –
They who entertain (such) right thoughts,
Realize the essence.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 11, 12)

Heedful among the heedless,
Watchful among the sleeping,
The wise man outstrips the foolish man,
As a race horse outstrips an old horse.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 29)

The wise one dispels negligence by means of mindfulness;
He ascends the tower of wisdom,
And being free from sorrow looks at the sorrowing beings.
Just as one on the mountain top looks at those on the plain below,
so also,
The wise one (the Arahant) looks at the ignorant.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 28)

Just as a deep lake is clear and still,
Even so, on hearing the teachings,
The wise become exceedingly peaceful.
~ The Buddha (Dhpd. 82)


The source for the above material:
K. Sri Dhammananda. The Dhammapada. Copyright © 1988 by Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society, 123, Jalan Berhala, 50470, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Used with permission.



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