Nirvana (Nibbana)

The Buddha:

Nibbana is bliss supreme.

Nibbana is the highest happiness.

An eternal blissful state of relief that comes with the complete eradication of the passions.

Here the four elements of solidity, fluidity, heat and motion have no place; the notions of length and breadth, the subtle gross, good and evil, name and form are altogether destroyed; neither this world nor the other, nor coming, going or standing, neither death nor birth, nor sense-objects are to be found.

Nibbana is deliverance from suffering. It is called void because it is void of lust, hatred and ignorance, not because it is nothingness or annihilation. Nibbana is a positive supramundane state which cannot be expressed in mundane words.

O monks, there is the unborn, ungrown and unconditioned. Were there not the unborn, ungrown and unconditioned, there would be no escape from the born, the grown and the conditioned, so there is escape from the born, the grown and the conditioned.” Buddha.

Where there is birth, there is death. Where there is no birth, there is no death. Nibbana is the unborn, therefore it is a deathless state.

O bhikkhus, whatever there may be things conditioned or unconditioned, among them detachment is the highest
That is to say freedom from conceit, destruction of thirst, the uprooting of attachment, the cutting off of continuity, the extinction of thirst, detachment, cessation, Nibbana.

O Bhikkhus, what is the Absolute? It is O Bhikkhus, the extinction of desire, the extinction of hatred, the extinction of illusion, This, O Bhikkhus, is called the Absolute – (Nibbana).

The extinction of the fetters of greed, (lobha) hatred (dosa) and delusion. (moha) is not the means of attaining Nibbana, it is the end itself.

Calming all conditioned things, giving up all defilements, extinction of thirst, detachment cessation, Nibbana.

It is the complete cessation of that very thirst (tanha), giving it up, renouncing it, emancipation from it, detachment from it.

The distinguishing of an ego entity is erroneous. Likewise the distinguishing of a personality or a being or a separated individuality is erroneous. Consequently those who have left behind every phenomenal distinction are called buddhas.

Nibbana is the cessation of the illusion of existence.

To observe the experience as it comes and goes, without personalizing it, is to experience the deathless Nibbana here and now.

Truth is not a result, nor an effect. The unconditioned state of Nibbana is free from birth decay and death.

The permanent immortal supramundane state which cannot be expressed by mundane terms.



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