1. Sayings of the Buddha in Verse - the wholesome, unwholesome, self effort, mind and meditation, wisdom, the path and nibbana ... some of these subtopics are also explained in greater detail as a separate topic.
  2. The Buddha recounts His enlightenment experience; recollects His innumerable past lives, many aeons of world expansions and contractions, and witnesses the disappearance and appearance of beings according to their thought, words, and deeds.
  3. Who is a Buddha? What are His qualities, powers, and superknowledges?
  4. A few past life stories of the Buddha

  5. The five destinations after death
  6. Karma - the law of cause and effect
  7. The manifold planes of existence, and the transmigration of beings between these impermanent planes according to their thoughts, words, and deeds.
  8. "From an inconstruable beginning comes transmigration." - The Buddha
  9. "Breaking the Cycle"

  10. The types of Gods in many tiers of heaven, their limited life-spans, and their subsequent rebirth in other planes of existence after the exhaustion of their merits, or time as a God.
  11. The impermanence of heaven and hell..., and similes of heaven and hell
  12. The permanence of bliss supreme – Nibbana. What is it?

  13. An explanation of how the Creator God concept has come about.
  14. Knowledge of Beginnings - the re-evolution of beings and the world

  15. The impermanence, sorrow, and no-soul nature of everything in this world that is conditioned by causes.
  16. The 4 Noble Truths of life
  17. Dependent Origination - "one of the most profound discourses delivered by the Buddha"
  18. Six-fold base

  19. The 3 immoral roots and the 3 moral roots
  20. The unwholesome
  21. The wholesome

  22. The Sublime states / The Great Abodes of Living; Loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.
  23. The Perfections
  24. Love
  25. Loving Kindness - Universal Loving Kindness towards all beings

  26. The 5 basic precepts - abstinence from killing, stealing, false speech, sexual misconduct, and intoxicants
  27. The Noble 8-fold path (the Middle Path) - the path to permanent bliss; Nibbana
  28. The Factors of Enlightenment

  29. Mindfulness - living in the present moment, unity of body and mind
  30. Meditation
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  31. The 4 Noble Individuals
  32. Stream-winner! Won the stream to Nibbana!
  33. Arahant (Holiness)
  34. Buddhahood - all beings have the potential to become a Buddha Coming soon

  35. The Diamond Sutra - " Bodhisattva who is a real Bodhisattva cherishes the idea of an ego-entity, a personality, a being, or a separated individuality." - The Buddha

  36. The Buddha’s final moments and words

  37. The Buddha's life story in brief

  38. Miscellaneous: 

  Pali Terms Coming soon

  Abbreviations Coming soon



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